Frequently Asked Questions

Pathology test results are sent to your referring Specialist and your General Practitioner. The results are not sent directly to patients.

Your pathology test results can be accessed through your Specialist or General Practitioner.

Your Specialist has identified an area of interest during your procedure and this tissue has been sent to the pathology laboratory for analysis.

Pathology specimens are taken at the time of surgery or during an endoscopic procedure whilst the patient is anaesthetised.

Information from your Specialist or the Endoscopy Clinic you attended will have advised that during the procedure, a specimen may be taken for further testing.

Unfortunately not all health funds will enter an agreement with pathology providers to allow for direct billing.  In these instances we are required to send the account directly to the patient.

Alternatively, we may not have been able to obtain your health fund details.  Please contact us during office hours on 07 3552 6400 should you have any further queries.

You have two options for payment of your account.  You can elect to pay the full amount to Envoi using a cheque or credit card and then claim your reimbursement from Medicare and your health fund.  Alternatively, you can submit a “Two-way Claim” form (available from Medicare) which will cover the entire amount.

If you are in a complying health fund, you will have no out of pocket expenses. If you are uninsured, Medicare will cover 75% of the cost.

For pensioners who are NOT in a health fund, we will accept the Medicare cheque as full payment of your account. Envoi Specialist Pathologists DO NOT charge a Gap fee for their service.

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