About my tests

Pathology is the study of the cause and effects of disease in the human body. Anatomical Pathology involves the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue for the purpose of diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis is an essential component of the medical and surgical treatment of patients.

At Envoi Specialist Pathologists we analyse samples of tissue using the microscope in conjunction with other technical tools to identify and characterise a variety of disease states. Envoi Specialist Pathologists does not analyse blood specimens.

Your Surgeon or Gastroenterologist is responsible for collecting the tissue samples at the time of your endoscopic procedure or during your operation. This specimen is transported from the hospital or clinic by Envoi couriers to our new custom designed laboratory in Kelvin Grove. Your specimen is only handled by highly trained scientists and pathologists whilst it is processed for microscopic analysis. After assessment of the microscopic slides, a report is issued. The final report is sent to your referring Specialist and GP so that the pathology results can be correlated by them with other aspects of your medical condition.